Emma Connolly is an artist and Fine Art and Art History teacher based in Wivenhoe, UK.   Her work explores the theme of the internal body and the beauty of organic form.  Working primarily in oil and watercolour paints, the oils give Connolly a depth of colour and an abstraction of form, whereas the watercolours give a fragility and delicacy to the work.  Connolly’s work is influenced by scientific diagrams of the human skeleton, medical journals, the drawings of Leonardo da Vinci and other classical academic drawings and animal carcasses.  The intricacies of the internal workings of a body form a jigsaw of shapes which can be manipulated into an abstracted plane.  This then builds the compositions for Connolly’s work, creating something strangely familiar but yet unknown in its exact content.

Connolly’s 2016/2017 series ‘Skin and Bone’ is a collection of oil paintings and watercolours of varying sizes which focus on skeletal structures and internal mapping of muscular networks . This work has evolved into other series such as ‘Organ Flowers’, looking at organic arrangements that have floral aesthetics and the ‘Evolution’ series, which further abstracts the complex assemblies of form, shape and colour.  Connolly works closely with anatomical studies, life drawings and scientific animal dissections that directly inform her work academically as well as giving her visual reference material.

Emma Connolly has exhibited internationally in USA, Russia, Greece and on numerous occasions in London, as well as across the UK.  Her work as a Fine Art teacher has seen her qualify as a Specialist Leader of Education and is currently working on the Common Projects with the Tate.  Connolly also lectures yearly for ISP, International Studies Programme for international art teachers.  


2001-2004 – BA(Hons) Fine Art, Hull School of Art, University of Lincoln

2006-2008 – Postgraduate Certificate in Modernism and Anti Modernism, University of Essex

2009-2010 – Postgraduate Certificate in Art Practice and Education, Anglia Ruskin University

I am a lecturer/teacher of Fine Art and Art History.

Emma Connolly lives and works in Wivenhoe, UK